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This isn't normal. Sickness isn't supposed to be consuming. Pandemic isn't supposed to be normal language. 

This is however where we are. This is either our shovel for digging foundations or a grave. We chose foundations. 

Hackler Productions is helping businesses, churches, and organizations navigate the world of broadcast in addition to 

countless hours devoted to video calls, and general information, we have been upfront from the beginning in providing

cost effective result driven options for users to connect with their audience instantly. 

These are unprecedented but important times. Our response to this matters, and we are putting people first. 

We have invested heavily in the ATEM MINI PRO. Out on the market Blackmagic's offering is a game changer for smaller churches to be able to take a few cameras, and a gfx generator and mate that with live video and an audio feed from your

console of choice. 

We are also offering EXTENSIVE labor rate cuts for projects needing done, as well as a host of instances where our labor is free, as we believe this is a time to help people, not profit. 

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