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Hackler Productions has an offshoot soon to be non-profit that has taken opportunity to benefit other non-profits, missionaries, low income or poorly resourced ministries with used and sometimes new audio and video equipment. 

Over the years we have had the luxury of working with some incredible people that for the most part are religious non-profits. However, in just about any scenario where we have been involved we find locations that have old equipment that our customers are either replacing or want to go away. We work with countless groups who could USE this equipment that is sitting...on shelves. We are calling this non-profit, ON.THE.SHELF and it seeks to re-home working equipment to religious organizations, missionaries, low income, or poorly resourced deserving ministries, evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Join us in partnering with your older AV equipment, donations both monetary and time, whatever you have to bless and equip groups to change their setups, and reach more people!

Family Circus

In December of 2021 On.The.Shelf made their first donation of 8 Sennheiser microphones. These units were pulled from an older install in working condition and the units were in illegal US frequencies. Pictured here Owner Canaan Hackler is sitting with Darrell Blatchley holding some of the mics that will benefit the staging needs of Family Circus in Davao, Phillipines. 


Highway Assembly of God

Highway Assembly of God contracted Hackler Productions to build and deploy a new audio control system in 2021. During this time Hackler Productions finished several other projects at other churches who donated equipment as well did Hackler Productions. In total about $6,000 of equipment both used and new was added to the install at no additional cost.

Highway Assembly Equipment.jpeg
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